Unclaimed Trust Money

For information on how to obtain unclaimed trust money that has been paid into the Courts’ trust banking account go to the ACT Treasury’s Unclaimed Trust Moneys Database.

The Treasury’s webpage will provide you with advice on how to go about claiming any money that you are entitled to as well as forms that you will need to fill in and contact details.    The names of those who are entitled to make a claim are listed on the website’s database as well as in the Financial Management (Unclaimed Trust Money - Courts) Statement 2011 (NI2011-301) made in accordance with section 53A(5) of the Financial Management Act 1966.

Under section 53A of the Financial Management Act 1966, money is deemed to be unclaimed after a period of 6 years since the date the money became payable. Please note that unclaimed trust money does not refer to unclaimed superannuation, bank account balances or life insurance policies.