As a new visitor to the Courts, you may be unsure in what to say or do.

Personal conduct in court is important. The Courts expect you to do the following when attending.

Get ready for Court

Dress neatly

Make sure you dress in clean, neat attire with appropriate footwear.  Avoid wearing shorts, tracksuits, thongs, sunglasses or a hat in court.

Be prepared

Bring all the relevant paperwork with you.

Be punctual

Court and tribunal hearings have specific scheduled start times.  It is important that you arrive at court no later than 15 minutes before the hearing time. This should give you enough time to pass through security screening, find the court or hearing room where you are supposed to be, and advise court staff or your legal representative that you have arrived.

Be patient

Although your case may be listed for a specified time, sometimes delays occur which are outside the control of the Magistrate or Judge.

You may need to think about whether you have requested enough time off work or made appropriate childcare arrangements.

Bring a friend

You are welcome to bring a support person to court with you, to keep you company or, in the case of a hearing for a driving offence which could result in a loss of licence, someone to drive you home.  Your support person should not be a witness as witnesses have to wait outside the courtroom until they are called.

In the courtroom

Personal behaviour

While in the courtroom, you should avoid unnecessary talking or whispering and ensure that your mobile phone has been turned off.

If you are asked to address the court, speak clearly. It is okay to ask for assistance if you are not sure about or can’t hear an instruction or question.

Speaking to a Judge or Magistrate

When addressing a Judge or Magistrate, please call him or her “Your Honour”.

Food and drink/smoking

Eating, chewing gum, or drinking (other than water) is not permitted in the court building (except the café). Smoking is also not permitted in, or near entry points to, any of the Court buildings.


If you are a witness, additional information is here.