Find a Lawyer

Legal action can be very costly, time consuming and stressful. If you are considering taking legal action, you will need to factor this into your decision making.

It may be helpful to get the opinion of a private lawyer, legal aid or a community legal centre,  regarding your:

  1. prospects of success (the likelihood that you may win, based on the information that you give to the lawyer advising you);
  2. if there are any alternatives to taking legal action such as making complaints to Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies   that should be considered;
  3. if you do go to court, what court (or tribunal) you should go to;
  4. the process;
  5. what you will be required to do and prove;
  6. when you need to start legal action by.

The Legal Aid ACT Legal Services Directory outlines the organisations in the ACT who may be able to offer free or low-cost assistance to plaintiffs (the person bringing the action/complaining), victims, defendants (the alleged offenders), witnesses, parties involved in appeals.

Additionally, there are a considerable number of legal practitioners and firms within Canberra who can assist clients in court proceedings. The ACT Law Society’s Lawyer’s Directory is an excellent resource to locate a lawyer specific to your needs.