Practice notes and directions & notices to practitioners

  1. Practice Note - binding orders of a procedural nature (made by the Rules Committee)
  2. Notice to Practitioners – information for practitioners across a wide range of court matters (eg. listing procedures, filing of documents, trial periods, etc) which also address the case management of criminal and civil proceedings.
  3. Practice Direction – binding orders that do not go through legislative processes.  A Practice Direction is approved by the judges and is a direction (binding order) of the court.

The ACT Supreme Court hears matters on appeal from Magistrates Court (and ACAT) and will be headed SCA  (no.) of    (year).   The appeal matters are listed for hearing before a single judge of the ACT Supreme Court.

ACT Court of Appeal hears matters on appeal from decisions of the ACT Supreme Court and will be headed ACTCA  (no.) of (year). The matters are listed for hearing before a bench comprising three (3) Supreme Court judges during Court of Appeal sitting periods.  There are four (4) sittings of the Court of Appeal during a calendar year (with two weeks dedicated to each sitting).

Fees and Costs – the fee schedule has been updated and accurately reflects the fees and costs in the Supreme Court.