Drug and Alcohol Sentencing List

The ACT Supreme Court has a sentencing option for those people whose drug and alcohol use has contributed to their offending.  The Supreme Court sentencing process is referred to as the Drug and Alcohol Sentencing List (DASL).

The DASL was developed to offer an alternative approach to rehabilitating offenders whose crime is related to drug or alcohol dependency.

It’s aim is to improve people’s health and well-being, reintegrate them into the community and reduce criminal offending

Similar court programs exist in every state of Australia and have been shown to be effective in improving health of participants and reducing crime.

Those sentenced under the DASL must engage in an intensive treatment program, which is overseen by a judge.

To be eligible to participate in the process, the person must:

  • be over 18 years and live in the ACT
  • have entered or indicated a guilty plea
  • likely to be imprisoned between one and four years;
  • have no other sentencing orders in place;
  • be dependent on alcohol or other drugs;
  • give informed consent to the order being made; and
  • not have committed a serious violence offence or a sexual offence.


Eligibility Assessment Form(DOCX 22KB)
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Order (DATO) Consent to share information(DOCX 15KB)
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Order (DATO) Consent to Participate(PDF191.4KB)
Suitability assessment protocol(DOCX 16KB)
The treatment order team protocol(DOCX 19KB)
Behavioural contract protocol(DOCX 33KB)
Review and Evaluation protocol(DOCX 16KB)