Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Strategic Statement

The Court’s Purpose

  1. To maintain and promote the rule of law
  2. To provide leadership within the justice system

The Court achieves its purpose:

  1. By delivering impartial, high quality and timely decisions
  2. By resolving each case by the process most suited to achieving a just, quick and effective outcome
  3. By ensuring transparent, easy and cost-effective access to the Court for all
  4. By communicating openly, clearly and respectfully
  5. By being accountable for the use of public resources
  6. By developing and applying best practice

Judicial Priorities for 2019/ 2020

  1. To transfer some Supreme Court activities into the Heritage Building and ensure the seamless integration of the new and old parts of the courthouse.
  2. To develop processes for the Drug and Alcohol List and commence operating the DAL.
  3. To review and refine the criminal case conferencing scheme.
  4. To develop a protocol for in court use of the ICMS system.
  5. To progress an electronic filing system for civil matters.
  6. As part of implementing the International Framework for Court Excellence, to review activities against the IFCE and to address findings from the 2019 user survey of the Court.
  7. To develop and implement arrangements for eTrial technologies.
  8. To develop and implement guidelines and/or rules for interpreter use that are consistent with the recommendations of the Judicial Council for Cultural Diversity.
  9. In partnership with the Magistrates Court, to pursue initiatives to facilitate access to the courts for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the ACT.
  10. To develop a history wall enabling court users to understand the history of the Court.
  11. To investigate and pursue opportunities for community engagement.


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