Sheriff's Office

Who we are

The Sheriff’s Office is attached to the Supreme Court, however we provide a service to all court users as we are responsible for security and support activities to ensure the safe and successful operations of the courts.

Sheriff’s Officers are authorised to exercise a range of law enforcement powers, including service of documents, execution of writs, warrants and orders to recover unpaid fines or judgement debts.   Execution of orders can lead to the seizure and sale of goods and land if the order is not immediately satisfied.

The Sheriff’s Office also administers the ACT jury service system, which involves more than 10,000 ACT citizens being summoned for jury service each year.

Location and office hours

Courts Precinct Knowles Place, Canberra City.

Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 4.51 pm (except Saturday, Sunday and any day observed as a public holiday in the Territory).

We are here to

  • Maintain order and security in the Court and in the precincts of the Court;
  • assist you with enquiries relating to the operations of the Court;
  • serve summonses and execute writs; and
  • facilitate tours of the courts.

What we cannot do for you


  • are unable to provide legal advice;
  • are unable to prepare court documents for you;
  • are unable to provide advice on the content of documents;
  • cannot provide child-care facilities;
  • cannot provide conflict resolution services or mediation, and
  • with the exception of an arrest warrant being issued, we cannot provide transport to and from court.

Who to contact for more information

  • Service of summons and execution of process enquiries:
    • Sheriff's Officers: (02) 6207 1171;
  • Jury enquiries:
    • Jury Management Unit: (02) 6207 4269;
    • Recorded Jury Information Line: (02) 6207 1792.