Information for the Media

The attached booklet “Information for the Media” is a guide to assist media personnel such as journalists, sound recordists, camera operators and photographers, who attend ACT Courts or Tribunal (ACTCT) for the purposes of reporting court proceedings or undertaking research.

The booklet provides links to key information about the ACT Courts and Tribunal, key contacts and outlines:

  • use of devices and equipment, including filming requirements;
  • how to request access to records, information and/or data for each court and tribunal jurisdiction;
  • court etiquette, privacy issues and security; and
  • applicable laws and court rules applying to media reporting.

The booklet complements general material about the ACT Courts and Tribunal available from our websites.

Key Contacts

Whilst the media is required to put all requests in writing to the applicable Registrar, please do not rely upon email if your matter is urgent or is required by a specific deadline.

ACAT Registrar (02) 6207
Magistrates Court Registrar (02) 6207
Supreme Court Registrar (02) 6207

If you are seeking information about the ACT Court and Tribunal generally, please contact:

Principal Registrar & CEO (02) 6207

If you are seeking information about the ACT Supreme Court;

The ACT Supreme Court values its relationship with the media as it is the primary way for the public to become aware of the Court’s activities.

All media inquiries must be sent to . Inquiries will be dealt with by the Registrar.

If you are seeking comments from the Chief Magistrate or a magistrate, please contact:

Principal Registrar & CEO(02) 6207

If you are seeking comments from the ACAT President or an ACAT Member, please contact:

Members Support Team

(02) 6207 1740

For more general inquiries, e.g. about ACT Government initiatives affecting the Courts or ACAT, please contact the Justice and Community Safety Directorate (JACS) media team on 6207 7173 or by email via

Hearing Dates and Times

Court and Tribunal hearing dates and times (Listings) can be found on the Hearing Dates and Times webpage.