eLodgment Registration

Who can use eLodgment?

At this stage only law firms are eligible to use eLodgment to lodge documents with the ACT Courts registry and pay lodgment fees online.

How to apply to be a registered user?

To register for eLodgment, please download the Application for eLodgment form that collects information about your organisation and the individual to be registered.

Please scan the completed and signed application form and email to CourtsICMSServicedesk@act.gov.au

Please note it is a pre-requisite for registration that users read and agree to the eServices Conditions of Use and the eLodgment Application Specific Conditions of Use on the ACT Courts and Tribunal eServices website.

How do I update or remove a users’ access?

To update or remove a users’ access you will need to contact the ICMS Service Desk via email CourtsICMSServicedesk@act.gov.au