Russell Fox Library

The Russell Fox Library is a legal information resource supporting proceedings in the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court and the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). Library opening hours are from 8:30 am to 4:51 pm, Monday to Friday.

While the Library is primarily for use by Court personnel, litigants in person, Government employees, members of the public and legal practitioners may access Library resources. Library books may be borrowed by approved clients.

The library collection consists of judgments, legislation, law reports, textbooks and periodicals relevant to ACT Court proceedings.

Since 1966 the library has clipped court-related news from the Canberra Times, and since 1992 it has been maintaining an index to these clippings.

The main collection is located on the first floor of the Law Courts of the ACT Building, 6 Knowles Place, Canberra City, and is open to the public.

What we do

The Library:

  • maintains an up to date and reliable collection of legislation, law reports and textbooks;
  • holds and indexes the decisions of the ACT Courts and ACAT;
  • cuts and indexes newspaper reports on the work of the Court;
  • provides access to the catalogue and indexes, as well as some access to electronic services, and
  • provides access to photocopy facilities.

What you can expect from us

Library staff will assist you:

  • in accessing our collection of judgments, legislation, law reports, books and journals;
  • in identifying and locating sources of legal information;
  • in using our catalogue and electronic resources;
  • in using our photocopiers;
  • by lending you certain material for use in Court;
  • by being courteous and providing you with prompt service, and
  • if we cannot assist you we will explain why.

What we cannot do

We cannot:

  • give you legal advice;
  • do any major research for you, and
  • allow books to be taken outside of the Court precincts.

Charges and payment methods

There is a charge of 35 cents per page for photocopying. Payment for copies can be made by cheque or cash.

How you can help us

Please assist us by treating all library materials with care and returning any borrowed items promptly.

We welcome any feedback on our service. If you have a concern or a suggestion about the Russell Fox Library please contact the Librarian by phone, fax, e-mail or in writing.

If you have a complaint about our service please write to:

The Courts Administrator
Law Courts of the ACT
GPO Box 370
Canberra City ACT 2601

Contact details

Library Manager 
Telephone: (02) 6207 1805
Reference and general enquiries
Telephone: (02) 6207 5794

Telephone: (02) 6207 1190 or (02) 6207 1187

Telephone: (02) 6207 1394

Email :