Victim Support Services

Victim Support Services

There are a range of support services available to assist victims of crime in the ACT.  A list of services is available by clicking here.

Victim Support ACT – Telephone 1800  822272

Victim Support ACT (VS ACT) is an agency of the ACT Government that provides victims of crime with a range of support services.

VS ACT provides a range of clinical and non-clinical services to individuals who have experienced crime in the ACT. VS ACT recognises the effect of trauma on individuals and that trauma informed care must be specific to each person’s needs. VS ACT aims to understand the trauma and the impact on the person's life.

The multidisciplinary Health Professional Officer team at VS ACT includes social workers, counsellors and psychologists, who are referred to as Case Managers.  VS ACT also contracts a panel of providers made-up of psychologists, social workers, counsellors, remedial masseurs and tutors.

Case managers can provide information and advocacy relating to your rights as a victim of crime.

The VS ACT website at provides a range of information guides to explain how the justice system works.

Specific information for victims who are required to attend court to give evidence is available here.

If you wish to bring a matter to the attention of the Victims of Crime Commissioner relating to how you have been treated as a victim of crime VS ACT provides a Concerns Form which can be completed on line and sent to the Victims of Crime Commissioner.

Financial Assistance Scheme

In addition to a range of support services, there is a Financial Assistance Scheme for victims of crime in the ACT.