Attending a court hearing remotely

Virtual Hearing Rooms

What is a virtual hearing room?

A virtual hearing room harnesses technology to progress matters without the need for participants to attend in person.

Parties to proceedings can access virtual hearing rooms using a range of technological methods outlined below.

Conduct of proceedings using a virtual hearing room.

Virtual hearing rooms are still formal hearing rooms. All usual court etiquette, protocols, procedures and restrictions apply.

It is important that you state your name before speaking each time given the transcription provider is unable to see video footage of the virtual hearing room.

Contact details for a virtual hearing room

Contact details for the virtual hearing room will be provided by the Court prior to your appearance date. You can utilise a range of options to connect to the virtual hearing room.

Connecting to a Court video call

Setting up your device or laptop prior to a virtual hearing

The Courts and Tribunal are using Cisco Webex to establish virtual hearings.

After accepting an invite for a WebEx meeting, you will receive the dial in options in your outlook calendar explaining how to join the meeting.

If this does not appear in your calendar, request the meeting organiser to forward you the dial in information via email.  A screenshot of what the information looks like is provided below.

If you are going to video conference into the virtual hearing using the Cisco Webex weblink please:

  • Ensure your device has a working camera.
  • Ensure that your device has reliable internet connectivity and coverage.
  • Note your access may vary in quality related to which browser and version you are using ie Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • It is recommended to have an activated Webex account if you are connecting using video. If you don’t already have a Webex account go to and click on the sign up button and follow the instructions to create your account.
  • If connecting with a PC you will need the Cisco Webex Meetings app installed which is available at
  • If you connect using an Apple or Android device you need the Cisco Webex Meetings app installed which is available from
  • Click the webex weblink 10 minutes prior to your listed appearance time to check your connection.  Remember the audio will be live when you connect.
  • You will need the meeting number, password and connection details. See below for the information required for different connection methods.

Joining a meeting on different devices.

WebEx meeting information screenshot

The email/meeting invite containing the WebEx information set out with the meeting number and password, the large green button to join the meeting, and other options listed below.

On laptop/PC:

  1. Click the link ‘join meeting’ contained in the invite email and it will load up though the web browser or installed Webex app.
  2. If prompted, run the webex.exe (May take a while to load)
  3. Type in your display name and email.
  4. Press the join meeting button.
  5. When entering the meeting, audio and video will automatically be muted.
  6. You need to press the ‘unmute mic’ and ‘unmute video’ to be heard and seen.

On iphone/ipad:

  1. Load Webex Meeting app.
  2. Press Join Meeting.
  3. Type in the Meeting number contained in the invite email.
  4. Type in your display name and email address
  5. Type in the meeting password (case sensitive) contained in the invite e-mail.
  6. When entering the meeting, audio and video will automatically be muted.
  7. You need to press the ‘unmute mic’ and ‘unmute video’ to be heard and seen.

On voice only phone:

  1. Call the phone number that is in the invite e-mail.
  2. Follow the audio prompts and enter the meeting number from the invite email and press the hash key.
  3. There is no attendee number so press hash again.
  4. Say your name then press hash (this recording is announced when connecting and disconnecting the call)
  5. You will now be connected to the meeting.
  6. Audio will be heard straight away.