If you need urgent assistance or your safety is at immediate risk call the Police on 000

If you require information about available domestic violence services or emergency accommodation please call the Domestic Violence Crisis Service: at www.dvcs.org.au or on their 24hrs crisis line 02 6280 0900

Family Violence Court

In 2011 a specialised criminal court for hearing family violence offences was created.

The Family Violence Court allows for a more integrated approach to dealing with violence in the home and recognises the complexities of these types of matters and the special interest in protecting individual victims and the community as a whole. This approach is also consistent with the goals of the ACT Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP), a coordinated ACT Government criminal justice and community response to criminal family violence.

The role of the Family Violence Court Magistrate is shared among a number of Magistrates. The Family Violence Court exercises criminal jurisdiction and deals with:

  • any criminal proceeding against a person in relation to a summary (an offence that is heard by a Magistrate) or indictable (an offence that could be heard in the Magistrates or Supreme Court) domestic violence offence if the person was 18 years old or over at the time of the alleged offence;
  • a proceeding in relation to:
    • bail for an adult charged with a domestic violence offence;
    • a breach of a sentence imposed for a family violence offence by the Magistrates Court of the Family Violence Court.

Where allegations of family violence offences are mixed with other offences, the jurisdiction of the Family Violence Court may be exercised and all of those matters heard together. The Court determines how and if any charges will be split across jurisdictions.

Family violence against children and young people is heard in the Childrens Court.

For an offence to fall within the jurisdiction of the Family Violence Court the offence has to satisfy certain provisions of the Family Violence Act 2016 (FVA).

Any enquiries concerning the Court should be directed to Magistrates Court counter staff (Criminal Section) who will be able to provide information as to the time and date of the hearing as well as the courtroom in which the matter is being heard.

Victim Support Contact Details

The Victims of Crime Commissioner manages a volunteer program. If you need support attending court you may be referred to the volunteer program. To contact Victims Support call 6205 2066.

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