Jury Service - Current Panel Information

Panel 11/2017

Panel 11/2017 is not required to attend  for jury service for the balance of this week (unless you are already serving on a trial). You will be required again next week so please check again on Friday 30th June  after 5pm to confirm the date and time  Panel 11/2017 is next required.

Panel 10b/2017,Panel 10c/2017, 10d/2017 and Panel 10e/2017

These panels are no longer required on 17 July 2017 and will now be deferred to the November/December 2017 sittings and a new summons will be issued in due course.

For further enquires please contact the Jury Management Unit on 6207 1252 or 6205 1642 during normal business hours (Mon to Fri 8.30am – 4.51pm ).

There is also a recorded message on the Information Line on 6207 1792.

Our email address is juryinformation@courts.act.gov.au