Strategic Statement

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Strategic Statement

The Court’s Purpose

  1. To maintain and promote the rule of law
  2. To provide leadership within the justice system

The Court achieves its purpose :

  1. By delivering impartial, high quality and timely decisions
  2. By resolving each case by the process most suited to achieving a just, quick and effective outcome
  3. By ensuring transparent, easy and cost-effective access to the Court for all
  4. By communicating openly, clearly and respectfully
  5. By being accountable for the use of public resources
  6. By developing and applying best practice

Judicial Priorities for 2017/2018

  1. To review the operation of the new Court of Appeal rules.
  2. To review the Court’s alternative dispute resolution scheme and improve outcomes.
  3. As part of implementing the International Framework for Court Excellence, to undertake self-assessment and a user survey of the Court, and to start developing appropriate performance indicators for the Court.
  4. To transition smoothly to the new Supreme Court building and to develop the best methods of integration into the new physical environment.
  5. To finalise a proposal for a Drug and Alcohol Court and commence implementing the proposal.
  6. To develop protocols for undertaking Court processes by electronic means.
  7. To develop and implement a strategic plan to facilitate access to the Court for Indigenous peoples.

PDF copy available.