Additional Judges from the Federal Court of Australia

Under section 4A of the Supreme Court Act 1933 the ACT Executive may appoint judges from other superior Australian courts to be additional judges of the Court. 

The current additional judges of the Court are all judges of the Federal Court of Australia. The Court has close links with the Federal Court as prior to ACT self government judges of the Supreme Court were also appointed to the Federal Court.

Sub-section 4A(2) of the Supreme Court Act 1933 states that an additional judge’s appointment to the Court ceases when the judge’s appointment to his or her primary court ceases. Additional judges have the same powers and jurisdiction as resident judges.

Additional Judges in order of seniority  

The Honourable Justice Anthony Max North

The Honourable Justice John Alfred Dowsett AM

The Honourable Justice Steven David Rares

The Honourable Justice Anthony James Besanko

The Honourable Justice John Ronald Mansfield AM

The Honourable Justice Robert John Buchanan

The Honourable Justice Jayne Margaret Jagot

The Honourable Justice Lindsay Graeme Foster

The Honourable Justice Anna Judith Katzmann 

The Honourable Justice John Gilmour

The Honourable Justice Michael Andrew Wigney

The Honourable Justice Iain James Kerr Ross AO

The Honourable Justice Melissa Anne Perry

The Honourable Justice Darryl Rangiah

The Honourable Justice Berna Collier

The Honourable Justice Robert James Bromwich