Service Charter



Service Charter


Purpose of this charter

This charter sets out the standards of service that you can expect from the staff of the ACT Law Courts. It tells you what services we provide, how you can help us to serve you and how you can give us feedback.


Our aim

To support the delivery of justice by the Territory’s law courts.

What we do

  • Provide practical and procedural information about the work of the courts and matters before them
  • Provide a counter service for enquiries and the lodgement of court documents
  • Create and maintain court records, and provide safe custody for subpoenaed documents, wills and exhibits in our care
  • Collect fees and fines
  • Prepare and distribute court lists
  • Provide administrative assistance to judicial officers in the performance of their duties
  • Summon members of the public to appear as jurors
  • Provide a library service that is primarily for the use of court and tribunal personnel, but that may also be used by lawyers, litigants and the general public
  •  Provide pre-arranged court tours for school groups

What we won’t do

  • Give you legal advice or opinions
  • Recommend particular solicitors or firms
  • Prepare court documents for you
  • Do research for you
  • Provide child care facilities

You can access our services by

  • Visiting us at the ACT Law Courts Registry located at the Magistrates Court Building, Knowles Place, Canberra City between 9.00am and 4.30pm
  • Calling us by phone on (02) 6207 1054

You can expect us to

  • Be professional, polite and impartial
  • Provide a prompt and efficient service
  • Do our best to protect the welfare and rights of court users
  • Answer phone calls quickly and return phone messages within one day
  • Respond to letters within five working days
  • Process bails and recognisances within thirty minutes

You can help us by

  • Being punctual for court appointments
  • Providing accurate information and legible documents
  • Responding quickly to our requests
  • Treating our staff with respect
  • Complying with what is required of you by law
  • Taking responsibility for your matter and taking steps to obtain legal advice if needed
  • Treating library materials with care

You can give us feedback by

  • Talking to a Law Courts’ staff member
  • Calling 1800 024 992
  • Sending a letter to the Courts Administrator, ACT Law Courts and Tribunal Administration, GPO Box 370, Canberra ACT 2601
  • Sending an email to