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This webpage provides links to approved and non-approved forms dealing with domestic violence and protection orders as used in the ACT Magistrates Court, Protection Unit.

Please note: a completed application for either a domestic violence order, personal protection order or protection workplace order must be accompanied by an affidavit and information sheet. The relevant papers are to be lodged at the Magistrates Court building.

Application for a Domestic Violence Order

Domestic violence order (Form 1)

Information sheet


Application for a Personal Protection Order

Personal protection order (Form 2) 

Information sheet


Application for a Protection Workplace Order

Personal protection workplace order (Form 3)

Information sheet


Other Forms

Application to amend order (Form 4)

Application to review order (Form 5)

Application for registration of recognised order (Form 6) 

Affidavit (Form 7)

Subpoena to give evidence (Form 8)

Subpoena to produce documents (Form 9)

Subpoena to produce documents and give evidence (Form 10)

Notice of Motion (Form 11) 

Undertaking by litigation guardian (Form 13)

Notice of discontinuance (Form 14)

Warrant for arrest (Form 15)

Notice of motion - change of date (Form 16)


Non-Approved forms

Notice to act (PDF 12KB)
Notice to act (RTF 29KB)

Private and confidential [Details form / Information Sheet] (PDF 155KB)
Private and confidential [Details form / Information Sheet] (RTF 139KB)