Registering Orders

Registering your Order interstate

Currently Orders granted in a State or Territory are not enforceable in another State or Territory unless you have them registered through the local Court in that State or Territory. 

If you would like your ACT order recognised in NSW or another State or Territory you need to contact the local court in that State or Territory to find out how to register your order.  To find out how to register your Order in NSW please visit or click here.

Registering an interstate Order in the ACT

To register an interstate order in the ACT you need to:

1.  Obtain an original or certified copy of the Order from the issuing Court.

2.  Obtain a certified copy of the Proof of Service that provides proof that the Order was served on the Respondent (other party). 

* Note: Proof of Service is not required if the Order states the Respondent was present at the time the Order was made.
* Note: Registration of the order can be accepted without Proof of Service, however, ACT Policing may not be able to enforce an order without proof that the party has been served with a copy of the Order.

3.  Fill in Application to Register a Recognised Order (Domestic Violence and Protection Orders Act 2008 – Form 6)

4.  Fill in an Private and Confidential Form

5.  Lodge these four (4) documents at the ACT Magistrates Court enquiry counter located at 4 Knowles Place Canberra City or post to:

Protection Unit
ACT Magistrates Court Registry
GPO Box 370
Canberra City ACT 2601

For further information or clarification please contact the Protection Unit on (02) 62071713 or